Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Moon Landing

There has been much talk of the 1969 Moon Landing and the first man on the Moon recently as it is the 40th anniversary of that momentous occasion. It has also brought up the topic of conspiracy theories and whether or not it was faked by the Americanians so that they could win the Cold War against their arch-enemies, the Soviet Republickists. Surely not?!
Well, I can tell you it most definitely IS a fake. over the years many anomalies in the footage of the moon landing have been pointed out which appear to question its veracity... shadows in the wrong direction, why are no stars visible in the sky, the way the flag seems to blow in the wind? The biggest bit of evidence I have is that I, Bertram Fiddle, travelled to the Moon in 1869. A whole hundred years before Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and that other fellow. The landscape on the footage is completely different to the one I discovered and they never mentioned the Moon People once. These Moon People, with their luminous bodies were quite common, so I find it hard to believe the Americanian Asteronauts never saw them. Unfortunately, I had left my camera on my desk in my study so had to make this quick etching to prove their existence.
I would also like to clear up the rumour that the Moon is made of cheese, once and for all. It is not. Mini Babybels grow there in abundance, which is perhaps how the story got started. It was I who first imported the tiny cheese discs to Europe, where they became most popular especially in Holland. By the late 1880's those cunning Dutch had found a way to breed it here on Earth, though the lunar variety is of far superior taste the Dutch version doesn't require a 477,714 mile round trip to harvest it and so that is what we eat today.

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