Saturday, 11 July 2009

Journey to the Centre of Wales- Part 1

This is an extract from one of my Adventurising Journals and is an entirely true story.

Thurs, 17 April
I'm so interminably bored. Haven't had any kind of adventure for over a month now. Wortha says all my pacing up and down is getting on her tit's nerves (she found an abandoned nest of Long-tailed Tits in the garden last summer and has raised the little orphans by herself, she is such a sweet-natured little thing) and if I don't stop she will cave my head in with her Mandolin. It's only 2pm but I shall go and have a lie down for a while.
Dash it all! I can't sleep. Have decided to have an exciting adventure this very weekend. Nothing too big as we have to be back by tuesday for lunch with Mother, but something dangerous and thrilling nevertheless. Shall go and ask Gavin, my manservant, to make the necessary arrangements at once. Oh! I feel so much better already! I wonder what kind of adventure I will have? Perhaps I will foil a fiendish plan to topple a monarchy... or discover another lost continent... or thwart a Cowboy...
Most disappointed at present. It turns out this weekend is a Bank Holiday and all the good adventures have been booked up in advance. Have been forced to make an expedition to explorate the continent of Wales. My earlier exuberance has somewhat faded.

Friday, 18 April
On the carriage to Wales now. We have been traveling for what seems like hours now, without incident. Its raining, which always causes the shrapnel I got in the Punjab to throb quite unpleasantly, and Wortha complained of feeling a bit wan this morning and has stayed at home. This adventure is going to be shit. Oh, we've arrived.
The carriage has now departed and left us in the middle of this vast region of unexplored hills. Gavin has set up camp while I strolled around investigating the area for possible adventure. The flora and fauna is remarkably similar to that which I have seen in the countryside of Buckinghamshire and even Suffolk, though there is an abundance of large mammals roaming around with what can best be described as woolly fur that I am yet to classify. Their plaintive bleating call is somewhat unnerving, but they appear to be herbivores and I sense little danger from them.
The chance of an exciting adventure seems small, at present, though I did discover a most interesting looking hole behind some bushes. I am quite spent after todays exertions and shall retire early to bed after Gavin has made supper. We shall explore the hole tomorrow morning.

To be continued....

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