Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Magic Monkeys Head

And here is a photo of an Enchanted Monkey Head I won in a game of Gin-Rummy with The Maharajah whilst I was down in Kowloon the other week. It is said to bring the bearer immense fortune and good luck... but at present it is rather stinking up the place.

I think it might just be a Monkey's head...

Recent Adventuristics

Dear all,
I have just returndid from a particularly intrepid expedition to Patagonia. It happened most unexpectedly Monday previous. A mysterious cloaked figure with glowing red eyes entered the study of my London abode and threw down such a challenge that Lord Webster himself would have had second thoughts. I wasn't in at the time, I was down Tesco's doing my shopping, but upon my return I accepted. I know I shouldn't have, especially after what happenedid last October, but if I had backed down the members of the Adventuresome Gentleman Society would have thought I was quite French.
Anyway, a long story short, I found the fabled Quezle-tec-tec statue, broke the curse and freed the Aya-pudoo tribe from their 1000 year enthrallment.

Monday, 29 June 2009


Ahhh, my dear Mother. I owe her so much. Approximately £12,500 and a new gazebo.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Prehistoric Park

My manservant, Gavin and I popped out to purchase some bread last Saturday. The crowds were overwhelming me so we decided to take a shortcut down some alleys thus avoiding the busiest part of the High Street. Unfortunately we ended up on a prehistoric plateau, that, by a geographical anomaly had remained undetected by civilisation for millions of years. We took a few photos and I procured myself what I believe to be the little finger bone of a giant Humanoid that may or may not have roamed those prehistoric forests. After a short while we found our way back and continued to the bakery. It was, by now, Sunday and the Bakery was, much to my annoyment, shut.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

My films

It is with much reluctance that I, Bertram Fiddle, leading Victorian Explorator, have agreed to start blogifying. For many years I have kept journals of my adventurising and my wife, Wortha , has suggested I start sharing some of these fantastic tales with you, the public, via this new technologicalistic form of witchery.
To begin with, for the first time on the Infernet are the collection of short films I made whilst explorating the forgotten county of Lunkumshire in 1883.