Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Recent Adventuristics

Dear all,
I have just returndid from a particularly intrepid expedition to Patagonia. It happened most unexpectedly Monday previous. A mysterious cloaked figure with glowing red eyes entered the study of my London abode and threw down such a challenge that Lord Webster himself would have had second thoughts. I wasn't in at the time, I was down Tesco's doing my shopping, but upon my return I accepted. I know I shouldn't have, especially after what happenedid last October, but if I had backed down the members of the Adventuresome Gentleman Society would have thought I was quite French.
Anyway, a long story short, I found the fabled Quezle-tec-tec statue, broke the curse and freed the Aya-pudoo tribe from their 1000 year enthrallment.

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