Thursday, 7 October 2010

A thoroughly nice Echinoderm

I fancied a trip down to the Earth's Core again the other day to top up my Magma supplies and was told, by an acquaintance, to look up Ga'arth, one of the intelligent race of Holothurians that inhabit that strange land. He really was a very nice, well-spoken young blob. It makes such a change these days to encounter a gelatinous being with such impeccable manners. He took me on a brief tour of his city and we spent a very pleasant afternoon discussing all matter of facts. It was cut somewhat short, though, when a Giant Squid startled him and caused him to extrude his internal organs. He assured me he would be ok, but had to return to his lodgings to grow a new set.
I extracted my Magma and returned to the surface, where I was promptly mugged. Typical.

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